Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks of all kinds. It works on a cellular level to replenish the present life force that promotes healing and maintains wellness. It balances the chakra system, the seven major energy centre’s in the body that govern our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Experienced Intuitive & Energy Healing Practitioner

Over an exhilarating span of thirty years, Pooja Chandra has developed a remarkable and unique offering of healing techniques. It first evolved from her own spiritual experiences since childhood where she transformed from a soulful and compassionate adolescent to a high level expressionist of advanced healing methods. Her highly visionary work accesses all areas of physiology and cellular science as well as spiritual and life path issues. Her approach is direct and precise, which enables the maximum amount of healing during a single session. She is a certified healer and offers healing sessions not only in person but also facilitates remote healing in any part of the globe as effectively.


Pooja, once a senior level corporate executive holding two decades of extensive broadcast media experience, is currently a full time energy healing practitioner and conducts her energy work with people who express a wide variety of mental, emotional or physical concerns.

Pooja is naturally gifted with an ability to sense the physiologic systems, and areas of distress. Through her clairvoyance she follows the body’s instructions to identify and correct the root cause of the problem. This energy healing process is aligned with the body’s wisdom and empowers the individual in their own journey of hope and self healing, making it an extremely pleasant recovering process.


A healing session can begin with an in-depth discussion of an injury or illness that is slow to resolve or is bound by the patient’s limited self healing capacity. Typically, other areas or systems are also considered in order to assess the health of various body functions. She can detect subtle degrees of disturbance that may have eluded standard testing and glance through the problem areas intuitively.

This results in clearing all the unnecessary blocks leading to slow recovery causing stress at different levels. Apart from health concerns, she readily navigates an individual through any emotional or mental distress, towards a healed current impacting the future. Such a remedy not only helps one maximise their own lost potential but is a breakthrough in their stagnant life. Therefore a session can also become a life altering process


One can expect a visible shift of blocks in any area of your life, feel supported in emotional and physical issues, regain control, feel focused, experience change in unhelpful and negative patterns, release trauma with ease, improved work situation, helps with addictions, understand and feel better about relationships and aids to deepen your spiritual connection. Usually one session heals invariably majority of problems discussed in the session, only if there is an impending requirement of another session, it’s communicated.


An Energy healing session is recommended for resolving multiple issues that may be of emotional, mental or physical in nature. It removes blocks with the combination of various healing modalities working on a cellular level to replenish the life force ‘prana’ and balance chakras.

Energy Exchange – Rs.5200/- (Price Excluding GST)

An Energy healing session is performed multiple times in a period of 1 month to give an additional force towards a tough recovery process and thereby creating a positive shift. Mostly useful in old and chronic cases in nature.

Energy Exchange- Rs.20,500/- (Price Excluding GST)

This process is a combination of psychic & physical clearing of your home that may be experiencing energy blocks due to various reasons.

Energy exchange- Rs.3310(upto 1500 sq.ft. & an additional INR Rs.500/- per additional 100 sq.ft.) (Price Excluding GST)

When works is stagnated or business is getting adversely impacted, space clearing and energising works beautifully bringing about that required positive shift in the energy.

Energy exchange- Rs.7000(upto 1500 sq.ft. & an additional INR Rs.700/- per additional 100 sq.ft.) (Price Excluding GST)

Pet healing mechanism supports your pet in physical, emotional or mental distress. It’s a process of 5 days where we energy heal your pet, the owner & the space where the pet resides.

Energy Exchange- Rs.4480/- (Price Excluding GST)

Theta healing is a dynamic healing therapy that uses quantum physics and dream state meditation. This technique is meant for the body, mind, and spirit and gives one the ability to get rid of limiting beliefs and live a life full of positive thoughts. It aims to lower stress and anxiety, lead to deep relaxation.

Energy Exchange- Rs.7000/- (Price Excluding GST)

To clear and resolve restricted thoughts coming from the past as a restricted pattern which are creating blocks in the present life.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2140/- (Price Excluding GST)

Using Reiki healing technique and symbols to remove prosperity and abundance blocks from a person’s life. It helps bring about a progressive shift.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2860/- (Price Excluding GST)

The Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing is a unique therapy of working with timeline to create a positive wave of healing throughout an entire lineage.Experiences of traumas, patterns of abuse, negative belief systems, limitations through past generations travel via the DNA as cellular memory.

Energy Exchange- Rs.4030/- (Price Excluding GST)

Correction of the chakra alignment is done that arises due to restricted thoughts or circumstances.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2860/- (Price Excluding GST)

To psychically understand ones aura, it’s existing blocks and further interpret the root cause of issues, external or internal. It deals with identifying and resolving mental, emotional and physical issues.

Energy Exchange- Rs.5020/- (Price Excluding GST)

To communicate the psychic messages from above meant for a greater purpose.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2500/- (Price Excluding GST)

To cure and heal a specific chakra whose dis balance has resulted into physical manifestation or disorder. Keeping all the chakras balanced helps regain normalcy and order in life.

Energy Exchange- Rs.3400/- (Price Excluding GST)

To cut the cords from anything done in the past that has been strongly associated with the person. It instils both fear and mind block.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2860/- (Price Excluding GST)

The crystals wear out their power after some years. It’s advised to get them reenergised to restore their healing powers.

Energy Exchange- Rs.1150/- (Price Excluding GST)

A boost of energy with a positive intent is given to the medicines for them to align with the patients energy, finally leading to their cure.

Energy Exchange- Rs.1510/- (Price Excluding GST)

A psychic interpretation of multiple issues in ones life.

Energy Exchange- Rs.4444/- (Price Excluding GST)

A form of healing with a Buddhist origin using their symbols and mechanisms.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2500/- (Price Excluding GST)

A third party energy consultancy about issues in personal life accompanied with a positive intent and tips to resolve them.

Energy Exchange- Rs.3400/- (Price Excluding GST)

To find out the vibrational outcome of the dowser answering the questions.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2230/- (Price Excluding GST)

To address and remove the money blocks, chakra imbalance and other issues responsible for it through multiple healing mechanisms.

Energy Exchange- Rs.2500/- (Price Excluding GST)

The Japanese healing modality that gradually eliminates issues from their root and heals the circumstances around a person too leading to the progressive solution.

Energy Exchange- Rs.3040/- (Price Excluding GST)

Reiki will be performed for a person multiple times in a month. It is most useful in chronic cases.

Energy Exchange- Rs.18000/- (Price Excluding GST)

Interpretation and an insight about the issues troubling the mind through a draw of cards.

Energy Exchange- Rs.3040/- (Price Excluding GST)

It’s a psychic reading of the other persons thought and mind. Helps in sending across a message to the other person.

Energy Exchange- Rs.1150/- (Price Excluding GST)

Chakra healing and balancing held in a group.Sessions for multiple people at the same time can be conducted on demand. Available both local & remotely.

Energy Exchange- Rs.1510/- (per participant) (Price Excluding GST)

Positive intent is used to energise and activate an edible item to bring about maximum benefit from it.

Energy Exchange- Rs.1050/- (Price Excluding GST)
*All the services besides Home Space Energising & Office Space Energising are available both Locally & remotely.
*All prices are excluding GST.
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Citaaraa’s Self and Space Energising Kit | 9 items | 2.2 Kg | Remove Negativity | Clears Space | Energised |Sage | Metallic Burner | Palo Santo | Essential Oil | Anxiety Stone | Epsom Salt | Sea Salt | Camphor | Tea light Candle | Gift Item

An all new offering of 9 personally energised wellness articles from Citaaraa- The Wellness Studio. It’s a customised, carefully thought through collection of products.... It’s meant for clearing your own aura or disturbed energy or that of the space you either live or work in. Products such as Palo Santo, Sage and Arabian Sea salt are already globally established as energy-enhancing, clearing and negativity absorbing products. Other contents like Camphor and tea lights intensify the vibrations of your living space while Epsom salt mixed with energised essential oil will take away all day’s negativity during shower or foot soak. Anxiety stone comes handy in stress situations and meditation practices, that will align your chakras and bring about complete balance. Indulge in various forms of wellness mechanisms, coming together all in one box, making it an overwhelming experience.


Citaaraa’s Wellness Envelope | 750 g| 2 Items |Premium Camphor |Long Lasting Tea light Candles upto 6 hours | Energised | Remove Negativity | Positive Vibration

A clutch style paper bag, containing personally energised camphor and large size healed tea lights. A retreat of energy to give you days full of calmness, help limit negative patterns and infuse energy balance.

PLATINUM: 30 large Tealights | 250 g Camphor

Citaaraa’s Wellness Box | 3 Items |Camphor | Tea light Candles | Ceramic Diffuser | Energised | Remove Negativity | Home & Office| Gift Item

The ready to use personally energised Wellness-in-a-Box contains 1 classic diffuser, 50 gm (approx.) camphor and 7 tea lights. This pack can be used for seven days or more and will help you take a step towards healing. It is an ideal gift for yourself or the people you love.


Citaaraa’s Energy Cleaning Sage leaves with Herbs | Purify Energy of Home & Work space | Clear Aura | Release Negativity | Cleanse & Charge Objects| Stress Relief

Sage belongs to the Salvia plant family and is derived from the Latin word salvere, which means "to heal." It's regular use benefits your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.... When you burn the sage leaves in a fire proof burner and take the smoke around in all directions, it clears out the toxicity and negativity from the space. This process is also known as smudging. Smudging can be done as frequently as required and is a must do ritual to maintain an energy balance at home or in your office space. To burn sage leaves you need to hold the sage burner with approximately 3-5 gm leaves inside it, at a 45-degree angle, then light it using your match or candle and let it burn for about 20 seconds. After that, gently blow out the flame so you see orange embers on one end. The smoke should now form up. Open the doors and windows post the smudging of a certain space is done, to let the negative vibes out. Please the burner on one side to retain the smoking leaves, they would burn out on their own in sometime. Smudging can also be done on self to balance personal energy imbalance during the time of stress and lethargy. Citaaraa 's Energy cleaning sage leaves are exclusively pre programmed with positive intentions and that makes them far more effective on usage.


Citaaraa’s Positive Vibes Palo Santo Sticks | 4 Sticks| Energised | Clear Negative Energy | Calm Emotions | Mood Uplifting | Clear mind

Palo Santo is a Spanish word which means "holy wood," and is burnt as an energy cleanser around the world. A routine ritual corrects your energy imbalance, removes negativity, clears your mind space and infuses high vibration positivity, giving way to good fortune.... To cleanse any space's energy, simply light a stick and then extinguish the flame, gently waving the stick in the air or waving your hand over the stick. White smoke will be emitted from the smouldering stick, which can either disperse around you or your space. It helps elevate your own energy bringing about a feeling of much needed clarity and relief. Citaaraa's Positive Vibes Palo Santo sticks are also pre-programmed with positive intentions and that makes them extremely effective on usage.


Citaaraa’s Energy Blend Essential Oil | 15 ml |Geranium | Energised | Helps in Meditation| Cleanse Aura | Ease Tension | Enhance Concentration | Balance Emotions

Citaaraa 's Energy Blend is theGeranium essential oil that comes with a sweet, uplifting floral scent. It feels, both energising, and inspiring.... Along with infused positive energy, it also offers a sense of positivity and good health, both physically and mentally. You can either diffuse 2-3 drops of concentrated Citaaraa 's Energy blend in an essential oil diffuser or mix a few drops with Citaaraa 's High Vibration Epsom Salt in your daily shower. Either way it reduces the feeling of stress or anxiety, sadness or fatigue. It also said to ease out tension, enhance concentration, improve cognitive function, and balance the emotions.


Citaaraa’s High Vibration Epsom Salt | Energised | Pain Relief | Detoxing | Relaxing | Improves Sleep | Mood boosting | Soothing

Epsom Salt is a magnesium sulphate compound which is unlike sodium table salt. Epsom salt is popularly used as a healing agent and as an effective pain reliever.... It's also added to hot baths and foot soaks to reduce stress. Citaaraa 's High Vibration Epsom salt is specially energised to make its usage highly effective, while you use it in various forms. (a)Bath and Spa - Add two cups of Citaaraa's high vibration Epsom salt to warm bath water. Settle in and soak for 20 minutes to help relieve stress and stiffness. (b)Shower - Exfoliate and soften skin in shower by mixing handful of Citaaraa's high vibration Epsom salt with a tablespoon of shower gel or your favourite oil such as olive oil, to massage into the wet skin. Rinse thoroughly. For an absolutely rejuvenating experience you can also add a few drops of Citaaraa's Energy Blend( Essential Oil) to your exfoliation mix. (c)Foot Soak - Mix Citaaraa's high vibration Epsom salt with warm water in food bath and soak feet for 10 minutes to help soothe aches and soften rough skin. (d)Garden - Citaaraa's high vibration Epsom salt can be used as a natural garden additive to boost magnesium/ sulphur levels. Add 1 tablespoon to 5 litres of water, apply as a spray to your vegetables and flowers.


Citaaraa Star Anxiety Stone | Merkaba Star | Clear Quartz | Energised | Pre-Programmed | Shield | Balance Chakras | Master Healer Stone | Meditation

Citaaraa Star is a personally energised Merkaba Star in clear quartz, which is considered the high vibration 'master healer' stone.... Merkaba in its sacred geometry is the perfect tool for self healing. It is also supposed to create a spiritual shield around the holder. In times of stress, panic or anxiety, simply hold it in your palms and sit quietly for 5-10 minutes or till you feel centered. Let its calming vibrations work on you to bring in the needed relief. It's easy to carry and comes in handy even while you're travelling.


Citaaraa’s Space Clearing Sea Salt | 200g | Energised | Absorbs Negativity | Protects | Heals

If you are looking at purifying your home or work space, sea salt can be effectively used for the same. Post smudging your space with Citaaraa's Energy... cleaning Sage leaves, you can sprinkle Citaaraa's personally energised space clearing sea salt in all the entrance/exits, doors/ windows from outside. This ritual is meant for negativity absorption and absolute protection of the space. Also this step is suggested to be done right towards the end of any space cleaning routine.


Citaaraa’s Sage Burner | Metallic | Brass | Spiritual | Smudging | Daily Ritual | Remove Negativity

Citaaraa 's brass bowl with cover is used for burning Sage herbs. The mesh cover on the top helps uniformly distribute the smoke to all directions and is easy to clean.... It can also be used as a stand to accommodate half burnt sage or polo santo sticks. It comes handy to be carried around for the ritual of smudging. Alternatively you can fill it up with sand and use that for extinguishing the half burnt sage or polo santo stick.



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Disclaimer: Pooja Chandra, through her Intuitive healing, is not intending to replace conventional forms of medical care or other established therapies. A session with her can, however, complement any forms of medical treatment or holistic care that you are currently receiving. Pooja’s healing methods are not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder and are not a substitute for medical care or psychological treatment. Any stories or testimonials contained herein, do not constitute a warranty, guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using Pooja Chandra’s, intuitive healing services or the techniques used by her.